Asuro, which might sound to you like a samurai name, is an acronym, which stays for: "Another Small and Unique Robot from Oberpfaffenhofen". Developed by AREXX Engineering and DLR - the German Aerospace Centre, it is a unique experience in assembling and programming.

At first glance, Asuro looks like a toy vehicle, but it's much more than that, because you have to build and program it yourself. The package includes all mechanical and electrical parts, as well as a C compiler and an IDE for assembler programming. ASURO is equipped with an Atmel AVR RISC - processor and two independently controlled motors, an optical line-tracer, six collision-detectors, two odometer-sensors, three indicator LEDs and an IR-interface.

My story with Asuro began thanks to one of our junior professors, who organized a zero ECTS lab for the students at one of his lectures. Although, no credits were to be earned from this event, it turned out to be one of the meaningful things I did at the TUHH. The Story In Images can be seen below.

Next Steps: I got an ultrasound extension board, so my Asuro is going to have bat vision capabilities soon.

The story in images:

Asuro Videos: