Java Projects

Before I present one 720-work-hours multi-agent based optimization problem solver agile scrum project, I cannot abstain from letting you play with one of the possibly coolest applications that can be found in a programming book. To those, who might now look skeptical, due to the general opinion of uselessness of books for the purpose of teaching programming, I really wanna recommend the Head First series. Run the App with Java Web Start (you need to have Java installed). The full Beat Box Chat Application consists of a client, to create your own beat and send it to the other chat participants, and a server to support the communication.

Let's talk about agents now. Have you seen The Matrix? If so, then you most likely have some idea, what agents are. In science however, agents do not usually cause so much damage (yet). To put it short: Intelligent Agents are a software paradigm from the field of Artificial Intelligence, or for brevity a special way of designing a system. Agents have some virtues of character - e.g. autonomy, persistence and social ability, that can be from great advantage. A system, consisting of multiple agents, can be used to solve problems that are difficult or impossible for a monolithic system to solve. Optimization problems can be such problems. In the project we created a multi-agent system based on JADE and used a modular framework for meta-heuristic optimization Opt4J to solve a real life problem. See more in the Story In Images below.

The story in images: