Hello and Welcome! This is my private website. I am creating it as a presentation platform for some of my programming projects, that I've worked on during my studies of computer science and engineering at the TUHH. These projects have educational character and so there is absolutely no warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. I am presenting them though, in the hope that they might be useful and enjoyable to you and if you get at least a bit fascinated by some of the technologies that you will find here, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

In any creative process (in software developpment and life), I prefer and support the minimalistic approach. That's why in the construction of this home page, I've only used a text editor for writing simple and beautiful HTML and CSS code. For the image galleries I chose Highslide due to its ease of integration. I am not a designer, but the idea of using somebody else's template on my private website could not come into integrity with my values. So, I did my best to come up with something, and yes I know it is quite colorful :), but I like colors. Finally, let me emphasize what I meant with the background image - it stays for the theoretical background that I have in my course of studies. Application has always been my main focus though.

Enjoy your stay - I hope you have a great time.