C Projects

C is called the mother of all the programming languages. Its appearance marked the beginning of modern age of computer programming. Developed by Dennis Ritchie between 1969 and 1973 at the Bell Labs, it was a language from programmers for programmers - powerful, efficient, structured, and easy to learn. Although "C has no class", its pure and friendly syntax, and the huge amount of compilers for many and different platforms, make it a great choice for all kind of projects. As an example, ASURO is also fully programmable in C.

In an early university project in a lecture about distributed systems, we explored C and its capabilities for Client-Server Socket Programming. The focus of the project was to study the TCP as a reliable communication protocol. Thus, the programs we wrote were pure console applications. I have decided to present one of them though, because it is of highest importance for everyone, who has even the slightest interest in computer science. In the Story In Images below, you can see a home made Pizza Service (PS) server and a PS client and how they communicate on two different sites.

Next Steps: I need to create a GUI for this app.

The story in images: